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My Battle With Myself

As an adult in my 30s my life wasn't working for me, I was extremely tired and sick...

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My New Future

I now had to decide what I would like my life to be like but to be honest I had no clue how to change it...

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My Life Now

 Fast forward 13 years....
Here I am happy and having more peace and joy in my life everyday !

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I am so grateful and appreciative for everybody, for Rachael and for me for choosing this.  

What else is possible now?  
- Faris Jay

I Highly recommend Rachael as a facilitator, she is absolutely brilliant!  
- Sue Davis

I look at things differently, I don't get so stressed out about money.

Its been fun and I enjoy the energy that Rachael and the group bring.  
- Richard Tobin

My Favourite Tools

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Be The Key To Possibilities

Free Epic Energy Pull

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Creating The Life You Desire

This has been created to provide you with tools you can use everyday in creating your life

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Living Beyond Gaslighting

Join Rachael and learn practical tools to help you live beyond gaslighting

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