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Lies of Competition

What if competition was a lie? We have been trained to do competition and yet competition is purely just making something right and something wrong. When you go into competition you actually stop believing you are a contribution.

Are you done with comparing you to other people? Do you know you are more unique that what you know, there is only one of you. In order to create competition as a reality, you must of necessity create yourself as a finite being. Can anyone truly be competition for you? Are you the only one of your kind on this planet?



What's Stopping Your Voice?

You are valuable, you are a gift to the world and your voice is the engagement of the gift of you to the world. 
So What's Stopping You Having Your Voice? 

This call is about getting free from everywhere where you stop you from having your voice. 
This call is designed for you to become the best you are and saying and being that with ease. 
This is not about you becoming someone else, its about you being you. 
What have you decided about you and your voice that is not true?

Living Beyond Gaslighting


Living Beyond Gaslighting

Do you ever wonder if you’re too sensitive? You just aren’t good enough, yet make excuses for someone or something else?

Do you ever find yourself second-guessing you? That you defer to what another person, group, corporation, magazine or authority asserts as important, real & what you should want & believe is true?

Do you think that this could maybe be achieved through the words, actions, advertising & propaganda, even through the way food is prepared and when & how music is used?

This call is taking a 2 hour Deep Dive into everywhere & how we may be giving ourselves up... where a tactic known as, ‘Gaslighting’ is ‘at large’ in our life & living, keeping us small & “blind” to what is REALLY true for us!

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Attract More Clients & Create a Business that Works

What if the creation of business & clients could be way more fun that you have been trained to think.

Are you really putting in place a future for your business. What is your morning routine with your business? Have you demanded the figure you would like to receive from your business? Do you know the nuts & bolts?

This call is about getting clear on and with your business and know what you would like to create for now and the future?

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The Gift of a Man

Would you like to take a dive into the emotive subject of relationships with me as we look at how you receive the gift of a man in your life?

Dain Heer, told me in London in 2013, that if I was looking to have caring nurturing relationships with men, I had to be that for myself first. Come join me to get clear on what you would like to create with the men in your life. Are you willing to receive men that are caring, nurturing, kind and unwilling to go to wrongness & judgment?