The Business Of Profitability 
Joy of Business 6-Month Private Mentorship

Businesses that are created with the principles of Joy of Business do not only produce profit financially but they also can expand and change the world, creating greater for both customer, staff and owner.

Welcome To The Profitability Principle of Consciousness.

I invite you to 6 months of personalised mentorship.

When you choose this programme you choose to have me by your side for six months to support and contribute to you in the creation and growth of your business.

I will be there every step of the way.

Are you ready to commit to you, are you ready to be and do whatever it takes to truly have what you desire to bring to the world and your with clients your business.
Join me and embrace the magic of choosing big.
For YOU.

“You need to know how good you are and
what you are capable of, and you don’t.” 

ary Douglas


 1 hour Kickstart Session 

We start your journey in a 1 hour session where we set the scene, develop a create list and get the wheels rolling to activating a new future.  

24 Private Sessions

Each week we will have a 30 minute 1 to 1 private session where we will actively create, grow and generate your business.

Homeplay Daily & Weekly 

There will be daily and weekly homeplay to keep you engaged, generating and activating whatever is required to expand your business. 

6x Gift Calls    

During this program you will receive gift calls to support your journey of growth and inspiration for your business.

What you will learn during this 6-month mentorship?

• Pragmatic Tools to Educate, Develop & Build your capacity to do business from Receiving, and doing business without judgment.

• Education on Four Sources for Creation
Choice, Question, Possibility and Contribution.

Pragmatic education and aplication of
Generation - Starting points of everything,  
Creation - Ongoing Implementing - making it happen
Institution - Imperative to keep going and keeping projects & the business alive.

• Manipulating your business with energy.
People, finding the people to assist you with your business.  
Connectors, Movers, Creators, Foundation People, when choosing business partners, contractors, employees or others to work with you in your business, it is helpful to understand that there are four main types of people you require to assist you to grow and build your business.

Money, Inviting money into your business, dealing with the financial, Nuts & Bolts.

Deal & Deliver

• Empowerment versus Micro Management.


Single Payment Basic Plan


Single payment

  • Global pricing available

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Monthly Payment Basic Plan


Paid monthly x 3

  • Global pricing available

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