My Battle With Myself

my journey to freedom Aug 03, 2022

As an adult in my 30s my life wasn't working for me, I was extremely tired and sick 

Little did I know at that time, what was creating my life was the way I was viewing my life.

I had been raised Catholic Irish by my mum who was a single parent and I didn't have my father in my life which was quiet unusual in Ireland in the 70's.

Within this began a life of self judgment ,anger and stress which led to suicidal thoughts and eventually in 2008, I tried to kill myself.

I had this moment where I realized I had decided I had to die to get peace from my ever present thoughts .

For whatever reason, which I still not quiet sure of I decided to live and got out of the water.

That day I made a choice to live and that choice opened the door to a new future.


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