Pulling for Relationships that Light Your Body & Life on Fire
10 days of Energy Pull Series

Begins 9th February, 19:00 CET

(Your time in the World)


''Receiving is not about getting. Receiving is about the willingness to BE what allows everything to be in your world.'' - Gary Douglas

You're invited to 10 days of dropping your barriers and tapping into what you truly desire to cultivate as your life and as our world.

We'll begin each call with a dynamic energy practice to commune with consciousness and call upon every molecule that desires to contribute to a greater future for us and for our planet.

What if everyone and everything you were in relationship with became greater as a result of the relationship?

What if you didn't have to be at the effect of anything or anyone, or cutt off the joy and brilliance of you again?

10 days of putting you first!

You are invited!

“It is not what you give. It's about the gift that life is and the way you perceive it.  It is the way you receive the world and the way the world receives you." 

Gary M. Douglas


Are you willing to have a level of receiving that comes from possibilities?


Hear what past participants received from the energy pulls with Rachael.



  • 30-minute Energy Pull
  • All Recordings in Box
  • The Miracle of Consciousness in your everyday living


The energy pull builds a consciousness and a presence where you begin to see where you're avoiding receiving.


The universe would like to contribute far more to you than you are willing to receive.

The universe is always responding to your asks... What if you were present in every moment with what you were asking for?

Is it time to start asking for way more?

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