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True Caring - 2 part serie

Are you caring for or taking care of? Wanna know more?

What is the difference between caring for and taking care of?

Do you feel the difference in the energy. When you take care of others, you do things for them; when you care for others you allow them to be what they choose. True caring is the willingness to allow somebody to be exactly what they are choosing to be. Taking care of somebody is trying to change them into what will make them better. Which one is more expansive - taking care of or caring for. Caring for is the more expansive choice.

  • I am a good girl, if I take away your worry I have done my job. True Caring?
  • I am a good boy, if I be quiet I will make you happy. True Caring?
  • If I take away your problem, I am a good girl and valuable. True Caring?
  • If I don’t take away your pain I am not loveable. True Caring?
  • I have done my job if your happy even if you don’t want to be. True Caring?

First Call - May 9, 21:30 CEST | Your Time in the World
Second Call - May 11, 21:30 CEST | Your Time in the World

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