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What's Distracting you from Living as the Home of Infinite Possibilities? - 30 Days of Energy Pulls

 "The universe would like to contribute far more to you than you are willing to receive."

Let the true magic begin....

Welcome to a series of energy pulls and receiving of you as the source for the creation of your life and living.

On this series we'll begin each day with an energetic exercise to flex and grow your muscle of energetic awareness and ground you in the knowing that in the symphony of life, you are the conductor.

Each energy pull will be followed with a 10-15 minute study session two books. 'The Home of Infinite Possibilities' and 'Living Beyond Distraction' both by Gary M. Douglas and Dr. Dain Heer.

Living Beyond Distraction is required reading for changing the "unchangeable". Distractor implants are designed to distract you from being and having everything in life you would truly like to have. This book provides information and tools that enable you to recognise and get free from the distractor implants.

The Home of Infinite Possibilities is your guide to stepping beyond the you that you think you are, committing to the life you'd like to have, and becoming the leader of your reality.

"Each of us is...the source for the creation of what is and what will be."

"Is now the time to stop being distracted from creating the future you truly desire?"