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Be Visible

Being visible requires you to actually truly recognize that you can create your life in any way you desire.

So many of us have our points of views from our family, and growing up, that we cannot see that we have to hide - that it's not okay to be fully seen as us in the world.

This call is a navigation and a discovery call to unhide the places that you've decided that you cannot be you . Cannot receive you in totality.

When we're hiding it has a massive impact in our receiving because we are not present to receive clients, to choose clients, to be the energy that clients can pay us. This has a massive impact on the amount of money we receive and the amount of people we can receive. This call is really exploring those hidden points of views, those hidden judgments, hidden agendas and invented lies that stop you from receiving more of you. Stop you being more of you. Keep you from being visible, as the being in the body, that dominant energy that you truly be.

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