Rachael O'Brien


12 NOVEMBER 2018 - 7 JANUARY 2019

How to become money workbook 12 Nov - 7 Jan.jpeg

Welcome to the How to Become Money Workbook Class!

My invitation, to the how to become money workbook, recommended by Gary Douglas. 

Come join me, 8 weeks of inviting money to nurture you, your life, your living, your body. 
The purpose of this book is to put money in your pocket. 
The purpose of money is to change realities, and who is the first person in your reality that's right folks you.

What You Get

8 x 90 Minutes weekly Zooms.

A Private Facebook Group with support & monitoring  from Rachael.

Group Support.

Exercises to out-create your barriers for receiving Money.

8 Weeks Audio Recordings.

8 Weeks Video Recordings.

Questions to be congruent with your financial reality.

If you miss the lives, each zoom will be in your face book group.

Get Ready to explore 8 weeks of changing your money reality.

If you are not energetically congruent, then you will not allow something greater to show up in your life.

“When you choose more, you open up the space for that to exist where it never existed before”

Dain Heer (ESB)