How To Become Money

How to become money

3 years ago I started going through the How to Become Money workbook and this is what I’ve learned:

Every limitation that I have bought as real and true about money actually is not mine and it does not belong to me! Now please ask yourself this question… If I go through this book will my life be greater? Will my relationship with money be greater?

A lot of times we have made money so significant and we blame money for having a no choice life. This book encapsulate every tool required for you to change your financial reality. Not only is this book about money it’s actually about the creation of your life. It gets you to look at how come you have this point of view that you can’t do what you love in the world and make money from it.

A lot of us have bought that we have to do a certain job or sit behind a desk. What if none of that is true? What is beyond all that and the programming you could perceive that there is plenty of money in the world and what if you could actually tap into that and create that?

The real essence of this book is about creating a business that you love and money in a way that works.

How does it get any better than this?