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"I did a bars class With Rachael. I Loved it. The Bars, in general, shifted my personal growth: e.g.

I got more aware in my living, more conscious, and, heaviness in my body disappeared and sadness and judgement got literally out of my face. It is, it clears everything I am holding on too. Cute but not bright, as my body was not happy with it. I get more of me. More of being. Furthermore, a Bars With Rachael is for me absolutely more than a "1 day-class"; she is so nurturing, caring and mega aware! By that she is an amazing contribution as a facilitator. Everybody in the class when I attended (men, women, children) were super grateful.” Marcia Knarren - Netherlands


“I took a Bars class with Rachael and it brought many positive changes into my life. The class was fun and gave me a level of peace and ease with my mind and body almost immediately, it was like coming home to a quiet house with plenty of light and space where before it was busy and full of chatter.Much more clarity and ease became mine.

After Bars my energy always increases and blocks shift anxiety and stress are no longer welcomed visitors,Thanks to Rachel and Access Bars. I would recommend the Bars class to anyone looking for positive change in their life!!!” Wayne


“I took my first Bars Class with Rachael some years ago.Rachael provided a space of nurturing and kindness, and the ease she portrayed while showing us the points made the whole day most enjoyable and informative. After the class I felt my body so light as if weight was lifted off my body. I felt I was ready for anything. Having taken Rachaels class, I have continued to have my bars run regularly and my life has changed so much for the better, The ease and peace I have now in my life, is so far removed from the tension, uneasiness and worry I used to function from. AsI was changing I could see the change filtering out to my family changing too, At work I made decisions with more clarity and less haste and the allowance I have for myself and other continues to increase every day.I enjoyed that first class with Rachael so much that I attended at least 6 more of her classes just to be in the energy of the day , until I went on to get my Bars Facilitators Licence. I would highly recommend anyone to take a class with Rachael she is phenomenal. So thank you Rachael for introducing me to The Bars and Access Consciousness and being there for me always.” Máirín Sheppard



Independent survey results conducted with 167 individuals show the following changes after an Access Bars Session compared to just laying down (control group):


Change after the Access Bars Session: 84.93%

Change after just laying down (control group): 61.54%


Change after the Access Bars Session: 87.27%

Change after just laying down (control group): 42.86%


Change after the Access Bars Session: 92.98%

Change after just laying down (control group): 42.11%

Happiness levels:

Change after the Access Bars Session: 91.37%

Change after just laying down (control group): 38.10%

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